AL Trifolium Cura Holistic Equine Assisted Therapy Education Program


This program is designed twofold, for people who wish to become professional in equine assisted personal development; and for professional certified psychotherapists who wish to acquire a serious post-training or specialisation in equine assisted therapy.


personal development assisted by free equines
psychotherapy assisted by free equines


In the holistic personal development assisted by free equines program the aim is to develop your own project, to build your activity with solid psychotherapeutic and group dynamic foundations. The certificate issued at the end of the program might be accepted by certain Gestalt institutes as a first cycle. This training is available to all who complete the prerequisites.


In the holistic psychotherapy assisted by free equines program, the aim is to develop your own project and to acquire the capacity of theorico-clinical elaboration based on semiology and phenomenology in interspecies work. We will adjust to your psychotherapy orientation. This training is available to certified psychotherapists with a minimal training of four years, and a training in psychopathology.


AL Trifolium Cura Holistic Equine Assisted Therapy lessons:

1 Introducing Meditatio Cura
2 Clarifying your therapeutic Cura project, personal anthropology, refine your thinking
3 The Cycle of Contacting & the Four Phases of Contacting, freedom & healthy life as precondition for quality contact
4 How to build the content of your Cura therapy workshop with free & healthy horses + naked Program
5 Phenomenological posture in therapeutic work with horses, projections & infering versus intuition & communication
6 Holistic perspective & field perspective in therapy with horses
7 From anthropocentrist autosufficiency to interspecies interdependance
8 From conservative adjustment to creative reciprocity in dynamic interspecies relation

Webinar 1 Hot topic + Q & A session
Webinar 2 Hot topic + Q & A session

8 homeworks (one for each lesson)
Homeworks are different for personal development branch and professional psychotherapy branch.

+ A reading list
+ Monthly questions list by each student. Webinar will answer to chosen questions in Q & A session

All workshops are at an AL Center or other appropriate location with appointed teacher. One workshop prior to the start of training as prerequisite. Recomended workshop: observing wild horses with Maksida Vogt. There are 24 obligatory workshop days during the education (2 day, 3 day or 4 day workshops) at one of the AL centers with appointed teacher. The second half (12 workshop days) can be done after onilne education is completed as apprenticeship with active participation at all levels. The last workshop is a certification workshop after the end of the apprenticeship, organized by the candidate to certification, after which you are an Academia Liberti Professional certified as Holistic Equine Assisted Therapist.

This education is offered in French, English and German language.

Your teacher in this education is Dominique Cuyvers, a psychotherapist (french Agence Régionale de Santé registered), a certified Gestalt therapist specialized in groups and phenomenology, a former St Georges dressage rider, a former horse breeder with stallion at stud, founder of Equus Gestaltung method (Equine Assisted Gestalt therapy), a Wen-Do (self defence) teacher, a « Medicine Woman » taught by First Peoples of North America & Polynesia, an author of professional articles on Equine Assisted Gestalt therapy, on group dynamics, and numerous articles on Women’s questions etc. She runs one of the AL Centers — Rainbow Appaloosa in France, where she holds the Equus Gestaltung workshops ( under patronage of Academia Liberti.


AL Trifolium Cura Holistic Equine Assisted Therapy Education 2016

Start of the education: 5th of January 2016
End of the online education: October 2017 
Certification workshop after apprenticeship is completed.

Online lessons, homeworks, personal guidance during the two years
Recomended wild horses workshop: May/June 2016 
Dates of workshops will be adjusted for each student to Equus Gestaltung workshops under patronage of Academia
Liberti in France, Germany, Switzerland etc.

Price: 5000 Euro
(Prerequisite workshop and wild horses workshop are not included in this price).
Closing date for the application is: 01.12.2015

Application form HERE
(Completed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)