Holistic Horse Education

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Fun-Fitness and spiritual work with horses

This is education with horses based on their free will. You learn to school your own body, to feel the rhythm of nature and horses, learn how to communicate with free horses, how to work on the basis of free will. AL Fun Fitness Program is an advancement from 'teaching' Haute Ecole on the base of free will. It transcends training, it is engaging fun and fitness for human and horse alike. This education gives you the knowledge of horse science from the AL point of view and our research; the ability to work on the base of free will; to teach this to others and; a way for spiritual connnection with horses and animal communication. This education includes workshops with wild horses, workshops at Academia Liberti Center Akazienhof in Hungary or any other place with a herd of free horses with AL teacher Maksida Vogt. Details and application  HERE

Cura based on Gestalt Therapy

This is education on holistic psychotherapy with free horses based on Gestalt therapy & phenomenology. A being cannot be considered separately from his or her environment, context and present situation. We see contact & relation as a process, it is movement, it is creative adjustment from moment to moment. We consider pathological when possibilities are reduced. What we consider healthy is freedom to actualize or not a way to act or behave. We aim to develop the ability to be surprised by the unknown unfolding in the here, now and next of a relation, be it between humans, or human/horse inter-species. This education is sub divided in two branches for professional certified psychotherapists and for non professionals who wish to do healing work with equines. The training includes a number of workshops, and theoretical & clinical work with AL teacher Dominique Cuyvers. All workshops take place at Academia Liberti Centre Rainbow Appaloosa in France, or anywhere in nature, on wide spaces with a herd of free horses. Details and application HERE