Cura based on Gestalt Therapy

This is education on holistic psychotherapy with free horses based on Gestalt therapy & phenomenology. A being cannot be considered separately from his or her environment, context and present situation. We see contact & relation as a process, it is movement, it is creative adjustment from moment to moment. We consider pathological when possibilities are reduced. What we consider healthy is freedom to actualize or not a way to act or behave. We aim to develop the ability to be surprised by the unknown unfolding in the here, now and next of a relation, be it between humans, or human/horse inter-species. This education is sub divided in two branches for professional certified psychotherapists and for non professionals who wish to do healing work with equines. The training includes a number of workshops, and theoretical & clinical work with AL teacher Dominique Cuyvers. All workshops take place at Academia Liberti Centre Rainbow Appaloosa in France, or anywhere in nature, on wide spaces with a herd of free horses. Details and application HERE