AL Fun-Fitness Program and spiritual work with horses – Holistic Horse Education 2015


Start of the education: 5th of January 2015
End of the education: October 2016


Online lessons, homeworks, personal guidance during the two years
First workshops, wild horses: May/June 2015
Second workshop: August/September 2015
Third workshop: May/June 2016
Fourth workshop: August/September 2016
(The dates and place will be adjusted to the student group)

Certification workshop: October 2016

Preis for the education inklusive Workshops: 5000 Euro
Closing date for the applications is: 01.12.2014.

Application form HERE
(Completed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



AL Fun-Fitness Program and spiritual work with horses


is an holistic horse education which provides you with all necessary knowledge and skill sets:


- about physiology and biomechanics of the horse's body with basics on hoof health
- about psychology of the horse and horse behaviour
- how to communicate with a horse at liberty; a completely free horse (no halter, no rope on the horse's body)
- how to work with a horse on the base of free will
- how to school your own body in order to communicate with the free horses
- how to work with horses as healers
- animal communication and spiritual interaction with horses
- on the best healthy horse and stall management practices


With this education you are getting a complete professional knowledge about the real nature of the horses and how to approach them on the base of friendship, free will and on a spiritual level. This knowledge and skill sets will be unfolded and exercised in two years education through the lessons, homework, personal guidance and workshops.


There are 4 obligatory workshops during the two years. In two of the workshops we are approaching wild horses and learn directly from them.

Two other workshops are at an AL Center or other apporopriate location.


The fifth workshop is a certification workshop at the end of the education, after which you are a certificated Academia Liberti Professional for Fun-Fitness and spriritual work with horses. This education is offered in English and German language.


Your teacher in this education is Maksida Vogt, a founder of Academia Liberti, former Dean and Representative of the International Nevzorov Haute Ecole School, a liberty horse trainer, a healing and animal healing practitioner, a book author (Befreie dein Pferd, befreie dich selbst) and an author of numerous articles on horses and equine science, a passionate photographer ( She runs one of the AL Centers — Akazienhof, Rehab and Horse Training Center, Hungary (